Patient Health Record

Our patient health record (PHR) is a secure cloud-based solution that enables your organization to provide patients with the ability to view online, download, and transmit their health information to third parties.

Benefits to Your Organization

Healthcare organizations are increasingly expected to provide patients with online access to their health information, something that will be required under Stage 2 of Meaningful Use. Your organization needs a solution to deal with the cost and administrative burden of meeting this obligation. Our PHR solution streamlines this process by automatically populating the PHR with standards-based, Consolidated CDA documents, containing the patient's health information.

Benefits to Your Patients

Patients benefit from having online access to their health information through the PHR by being more informed about their health history. Additionally, our PHR solution allows patients to easily provide online access to their health information via proxy access granted to a legal representative or other trusted individual. This can improve the access and efficacy of healthcare being provided, by giving these caregivers better information about the patient. For instance, this can be helpful for a son or daughter caring for an elderly or disabled parent or grandparent.